Michelle Obama news: Ex-FLOTUS urges voters to make their voices count in poll plea | World | News

The US is holding a series of gubernatorial and local legislative elections on November 5 in several states. The former First Lady was keen to remind people that elections were taking place and urged people to get out and vote. She wrote on Twitter: ”It’s Election Day tomorrow in Virginia, New Jersey, Kentucky, Mississippi, and dozens of cities across the country.

“Text a friend, a neighbour, or a co-worker and make your plan to vote.

“Your vote is your voice, so make sure you’re heard!”

Twitter users were quick to praise her and to respond to her heartfelt plea.

One tweeted: “People must get out and vote.

“I Miss You & President Barack Obama & Lets Not Forget TODAY IN HISTORY NOVEMBER4th.

“11 years ago today America voted Barack Obama as their first Black President.”

Just a few days ago the ex-FLOTUS received a much more hostile Twitter reception, as she was savagely mocked for suggesting that every city in the world wanted to host her husband’s Presidential Library due to his popularity.

Mrs Obama made the remarks at the Obama Foundation Summit where it was announced the library would be located in Chicago’s Jackson Park.

This location is close to the couple’s old home and near Mrs Obama’s childhood home.

Mrs Obama explained: “There’s power in the selection of Jackson Park. Barack and I don’t do things incidentally. There’s a strategy.”

She then claimed: “Barack’s presidential library could have been anywhere in the world because there are so many people who feel like he is their president.

“New York wanted it. Hawaii wants it. Because it’s also an economic engine.”

Her claim was shot down on social media, with one user posting: “The hubris of her statement is off the charts. Par for the course coming from an Obama.”

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